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The system allows you to add paper entries and these should all be present before entering results.

To add paper entries:

  • Go to the entries tab
  • Click on add crew entry at the bottom
  • Select a club to make the entry as and click continue
  • Enter emergency contact details for the crew and click continue
  • Select an event and then either press:
    • Use membership numbers for entry
      • Type in membership numbers - only the last part is needed, eg for 201006J1342123 only enter 1342123 using the number pad this is the fastest way to make entries
    • Use lists/membership numbers for entry
      • For each position pick a member from the drop down list
  • Click validate crew
  • Click continue
  • Confirm details and click submit crew

To add composite entries:

Follow the same process but ensure you use the membership number options, you can then select which clubs they are racing on behalf of.