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Entries Summary

Once a competition has been opened and is accepting entry on going in to a competition you will see a summary of entries as they currently are.

These are broken up into 3 areas:

Submission Statistics

  • Total - all the crews that have touched the system
  • Live entries - the relevant ones that you would use for the draw. This does not include any crews that have withdrawn/scratched or have been rejected
  • Withdrawn/rejected crews

Management Statistics

These break down entries into ones that have been accepted and haven't been accepted. Going through the accepting crews proccess is entirely down to the competition organiser. Competitions such as Head of The River Fours accept entries as they come in and have been paid, letting them know they have been accepted. Other competitions may not use the functionality and wait until all entries are in before producing a draw and notifying crews that way.

Payment Statistics

This displays entries that are paid/unpaid. Entries marked as requiring refund are those that are withdrawn (before close of entries) or rejected. Scratched crews are not marked as requiring refund. You can then mark entries are refunded. Please Note: The system does not actually refund money, as there is not currently an automated way of refunding the transactions. We are currently looking into ways of implementing this with other payment providers.

List of Entries

If you click on the Entries tab you can see all the entries taken so far. By default these are grouped by event, but can be grouped by club. To view the entries in an event or club click on the event/club name.

Once looking at the entries in an event you can bump crews between events and divisions - see Bumping Crews. Accept, reject or look at a crews details and perform substitutions

Club notes

Some clubs will leave notes in their entries for the competition (for example, the crew is willing to row coxless). These notes are available on the individual entry page (under the notes dropdown), and are also included as standard in the crew export (available under the "Reports" tab).