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The Online Entry system follows a set process or timeline:

Competition Setup

During this stage a competition is setup with details and events added.

Open for Entries

Once a competition has been setup and checked you can open for entries. This process is not reversible.

During this time clubs can:

  • Make entries
  • Scratch entries
  • Change the composition of their crews completely, including relating to composites

During this stage you can see an overview of entries and look at details of crews and accept/reject them.

Entries Suspended

If you are full before the closing date or want to pause new entries while you take stock you can pause entries. You can suspend and reopen multiple times.

  • Clubs cannot enter new crews
  • Crews can still be scratched
  • Composition of crews can still be changed 100%

You can also suspend individual events in the events page.

Entries Closed

Once the deadline for entries has passed you should close for entries. This is a one way process and can not be reversed.

  • Crews are baselined in the system, generating a record of original crew members and composite codes
  • From now on substitution rules kick into effect, along with rules about clubs in composites
  • By default the competition remains open for substitutions and payments
  • You can now close for payments (if worldpay is enabled). This is a one way process.
  • Substitutions can be opened and closed as many times as you wish. At all times the system checks that at least 50% of the rowing members were in the original crew
  • What many competitions do is close for substitutions the day before the event so that they can download the latest crew info and take substitutions on the day. The reports page has a report containing all crews with substitutions and who has been changed for use at the race registrations desk.
  • When the competition is "Fully Closed", substitutions and changes can still be made by the competition administrator.


Once a competition has run, subs to winning crews have been performed and the results set a competition is finalised.