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Online Entry System for Regattas & Heads Terms and Conditions

  1. The fee payable is £0.25 + VAT per competitor entered via the British Rowing Online Entry System (coxswains are not chargeable).
  2. The charge for taking online payments via the British Rowing Online Entry System is between 2 - 5% of any monies taken online + VAT (the rate varies according to card type). British Rowing deducts the exact fee payable, as charged by WorldPay, we do not make any surcharges. WorldPay payments are credited to British Rowing's account approximately 4 weeks after the payment has been taken from the customer. British Rowing will make payment to the competition 2-3 weeks after the competition has run.
  3. In the event of a competition being cancelled, any monies taken online via WorldPay for the processing of entries will still incur the charges stated in item 2 above.
  4. Results set via British Rowing Online Entry System must include the full list of entries for the competition. Paper entries must be added to the system so that complete results can be used for the British Rowing Almanack and the British Rowing website.
  5. In order to attain the 75% discount on the cost of using the British Rowing Online Entry System system, all results of every event in the competition must be set and finalised via the online entry system within 5 days of the event, as required by the British Rowing Rules of Racing.
  6. The British Rowing Online Entry System will provide you and your committee with some personal information for members, e.g. email address, telephone numbers, date of birth and membership number. As Competition Administrator, you accept that the personal details will only be used in conjunction with the management and associated administration of your competition, and will not be passed on to any third party without prior permission of the member.
  7. Any competitions run through the British Rowing Online Entry System must fully follow the British Rowing Rules of Racing