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Please ensure that prior to settings results all crews present in the correct events with substitutes for winning crews performed. For more info see Results.

Please note: for people running programs that can be made to produce output it is still preferable to use our XML format as this is more reliably checked by our system, and allows you to set whether events ran/are qualifying and bump crews all in one computer validated upload.


The system will accept results in csv format, (produced in excel and then saved using save as) and upon upload you will be given the option to review the results for accuracy and then select which are qualifying and then submit them.

In order to guarantee that we can work with the results properly we need to ensure that certain fields are present and that records for all the crews are there (worth noting before throwing away crewID and eventID from download files!)

Rules for constructing the csv file

  1. In the top 10 rows somewhere must be a list of column headings (order does not matter, but it MUST NOT change as you go down the spreadsheet). You can have other content such as the name of the competition, date, etc which will all be ignored by the system when uploaded.
  2. Column names:
    • The following columns MUST BE PRESENT:
      1. EventID
        The number allocated by the system. Must be filled in
      2. CrewID (Must be filled in)
        The number allocated by the system. Must be filled in
      3. PositionInEvent
        Either this or time (or both) must be filled in
      4. Time (Must be filled in if PositionInEvent not filled in)
        Either this or PositionInEvent (or both) must be filled in. Syntax is hh:mm:ss.00 e.g. 00:21:34.67 if splits (.00) are not present that does not matter.
      5. Status
        Must be filled in. Possible statuses:
        • Finished (position or time required)
        • NonFinalist – for someone who didn’t make it to the final and so cannot be ranked (no position or time expected)
        • DidNotStart (no position or time)
        • DidNotFinish (no position or time)
        • Disqualified (no position or time)
        • TimeOnly (no position or time expected – time will be ignored if present)
    • Either PositionInEvent or Time can be left empty but at least one must be filled in, where they both are present they will be cross checked for sanity.
    • Verdict column is optional, will be used where found
    • Other columns can be present (such as Club Name, Crew Name etc) and will be ignored by the system
  3. For every event that is run all the crews must be present, 1 crew per line.
    The system does not expect to see any crews marked as withdrawn/rejected/scratched in the system as they would not have made it to race day. If they are set as DidNotStart in the upload they will be quietly ignored. If they are marked with any status that suggests they actually rowed an error will be thrown.
  4. If an entire event’s worth of crews does not appear the system will assume it did not run.
    If an event did not run, delete all the crews in it from the export file, and the system will mark the event as not run.
  5. The rows can be continuous (like a list sorted by overall position in a head race) or with gaps and titles for each event like a regatta. As long as the columns are kept in the same order and the data is there for all the rows we should be able to extract it. The system is agnostic as to which way you present it, you do not need one format for a head and one for a regatta.

As long as you follow these rules you should have a fair amount of flexibility in how the spreadsheet looks so you could work on 1 document, using it to print out for results/send to clubs and also save a copy as a csv for uploading results. Just be careful when sorting in excel as this is how most people break data!


Attached are:

  • 2 excel documents, one done head race style and one done regatta style. Each document has 2 sheets with different ways of ordering/showing the results. Columns that MUST be present and filled in are highlighted in red, columns that must be present and 1 filled in are highlighted in yellow, and optional columns in green. All other columns can be there, but will be ignored by the system. (This is the format you work in and keep for your records/putting up on websites etc):
  • 2 csv documents which show what you end up with when saving as csv in excel (The version you actually upload):