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It is vital that the system has accurate points records for members so that competitions can ensure people are in the appropriate events. This relies on competitions submitting results in a timely manner and is reflected in the terms & conditions which state that in order to qualify for the discounted rate you must submit results and finalise points within 5 days of the competition.

Prior to entering results

Prior to entering results you should ensure:

  1. All crews are present (including overseas entries and paper entries)
  2. All crews have been bumped into the correct events
  3. Where events have been split into 2 a second event has been added and crews bumped into that
  4. Substitutions have been performed on the winning crews
  5. The event status is set to "Fully closed"

Methods of entering results

There are 3 ways of entering events:

  1. Using the web interface
    Allows anyone to set the results by ticking which events ran, then for each event enter in the positions of crews and any extra info such as times/verdicts. See Web results interface for more info.
  2. Using a CSV upload (new)
    Sets results using a CSV file produced in excel. Certain rules must be followed to ensure this works. See CSV results for more info.
  3. Using a XML upload (for systems that can produce it only)
    Sets results using a XML file produced by your system. This must use our structure to ensure this works. See XML results for more info.