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Primary Events may be incorporated into conventional Regattas. They are intended for rowers who are new to the sport (say, in their first year/18 months of rowing). They are intended to provide a first taste of side-by-side racing, in a relatively safe and regulated environment.

Primary events are non-qualifying, but when competitors are judged by their peers and coaches to be capable of racing in suitable non-primary events then they should transfer to ‘normal’ open events. If, after a period racing in Primary events, competitors do not wish to take up racing more seriously, then they may continue as recreational rowers. However, it is not envisaged that competitors can continue to race, and win Primary Events year after year.

Primary events

  • Are limited to newcomers to the sport not holding points
  • Are limited to registered members of British Rowing (Platinum, Gold, Silver)
  • Are limited to those not entered for open events at the same Regatta
  • May be offered for competitors in any age band who have not won a qualifying Junior, Senior or Masters event
  • Shall provide at least two races for one entry fee via any system of the organisers’ choice
  • Shall be raced over courses no longer than 800m
  • May be offered in any boat size