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Overseas Entries Guide

The definition of an overseas entry is a club entering a British Rowing rowing event that comes from anywhere overseas or Scotland (as they are governed by a separate body - Scottish Rowing). Welsh rowing club members are stored in the British Rowing database, so are not required to enter as overseas.

If you open up your competition to overseas entries, you may get queries from clubs overseas as to how they enter. This document should help clear up any issues.

Entering an overseas club into an event

The first requirement of an overseas club entering into a British Rowing event is that the club must have a registered British Rowing Online Entry administrator. If the club does not have an British Rowing Online Entry administrator then the person within the club that wants to become the British Rowing Online Entry administrator should email

Once the club has a registered British Rowing Online Entry administrator, they should follow the Overseas Club Entry Guide.

You should note that any overseas members will be added as Novices irrespective of their actual standard.