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Changelog for the Online Entry System

OnlineEntry 2.3.5 (released 2013-12-05)

New features
  • On the example results CSV file, new column added "Bespoke classification" that includes the custom crew ID as specified by the competition admin
  • All tables showing entries are now by default sorted by rowing club then crew ID
  • When viewing all entries made as a club entries secretary, the table is now sortable by the different column headings
Bug fixes
  • Fix "Paid Status" column in Crew Export for competitions that don't accept online payments
  • Fixed "Duration" text at the top of a competition to be worked out automatically from the competition start and end date
  • Fixed primary events being listed as "Elite" in the event export
  • Fixed bug where crew could not be moved to a different event when the competition used divisions on Internet Explorer 9

OnlineEntry 2.3.4 (released 2013-10-28)

New features
  • Allow competition admins to choose whether to include scratched/withdrawn/rejected crews in the British Rowing Entry Forms (Crew) report
  • When uploading a CSV file for the results, all errors are shown the first time the upload is done, rather than a selection of errors
  • Online Entry now works over SSL (secure browsing) for increased security
Bug fixes
  • All emails to clubs regarding their entries are now sent to the Club Entries Secretary, emergency contact, and the user who submitted the entry
  • Competitor doubling report now shows the divisions for each event the crews are entered into

OnlineEntry 2.3.3 (released 2013-09-30)

New features
  • Competition administrators can now "unscratch" a scratched crew in the same way they can unreject a rejected crew
  • When submitting results, the qualifying status of each event is automatically worked out
  • Updated logic for entering lightweight events to allow members with a junior membership, but who may correctly qualify for the age bracket of lightweight events, to enter
  • Competition administrators can now no longer "un-reject" entries once results have been finalised
  • Competitions are allowed to create just 1 division to allow for the specific rules the divisional system allows then to follow
  • When a competition administrator edits a crew, they can now add a comment to inform the club why the crew has been edited that will be included in the notification email
Bug fixes
  • Results - events submitted as "qualifying" were appearing under the "non-qualifying" tab
  • Reports - Summary Forms (Clubs) now show the correctly calculated totals

OnlineEntry 2.3.2 (released 2013-07-25)

New features
  • Ability to bulk update event info
    • Competitions can now update the event info for multiple events at once by using the “Bulk update event info” button at the bottom of the “Events” tab. Information can also be added as part of the “Bulk add events” process
  • Qualifying/non-qualifying status is automatically set when a competition sets their results. This can easily be overridden, but should ease some of the pain of results setting
  • Report: British Rowing Entry Forms (Crew) shows which crew members are substitutions with a tick
  • Clubs are now blocked from paying for rejected entries online
  • When viewing “Unpaid entries” rejected entries are not shown by default, but can be shown by ticking “Show rejected entries”
  • “Explore Rowing” section removed from the Online Entry system – this is now handled solely through Club Management
  • New report: British Rowing Entry Forms (Crew – including scratched crews). The standard British Rowing Entry Forms (Crew) now no longer includes scratched crews
  • Crew scratched/withdrawn notification email subject now includes the club name, e.g. “British Rowing : Crews Withdrawn from CLUBNAME”
Bug fixes
  • Overseas crews now show up in “Club Contact Addresses Export”
  • Assigning "Nobody" to a set to remove a rower now works for clubs entering crews

OnlineEntry 2.3.1 (released 2013-06-19)

  • Update to how the system handles Junior A/B events, so that is treats sculling and rowing as separate classifications
  • Content compression enabled on server (to speed up the performance of the web app)
  • Female Junior School events showing as FISA19 - fixed to show Sch19
  • A junior member was given more than 1 point after winning multiple events in a season. Fixed to stop this practise.
  • Fix to logic behind U23 and U19 validations
  • Fix to composite code generator
  • Bug fix for results upload (where bumping crews in a competition with no divisions did not work)
  • Competition Summary Forms (Clubs) now show overseas entries
  • Bug fix for “Entries requiring refund” page where duplicate entries were being shown
  • Bug fix for competition page that showed the incorrect number of entries

OnlineEntry 2.3.0 (released 2013-04-01)

  • Entries: BugFix where Masters entries were always redirected to novice events
  • Reports: BugFix with Boat Doubling Report (server error)
  • Events: Added option to choose U19 as a senior event type (rules of racing 2013-2014 update)

OnlineEntry 2.2.6 (released 2013-03-13)

  • Entries: New Masters age category (J) added, for Rules of Racing 2013-2014

OnlineEntry 2.2.5 (released 2013-02-27)

  • Entries: BugFix to ensure individual can be entered into events in different divisions
  • Entries: BugFix to stop "registration" members being added to a favourite crew, then being able to be entered into an event
  • Reports: BugFix in Paid Entries report to ensure correct amounts are displayed
  • Entries: BugFix to ensure cox is checked for duplicate entries in head races
  • Events: New feature to allow competition administrators to delete unwanted divisions
  • Entries: Ability to sort Entries tab by division

OnlineEntry 2.2.4 (released 2013-01-17)

  • Reports: BugFix where Paid entries report was showing unpaid as well as paid entries
  • Various bug fixes for Windows 8/Internet Explorer 10 users
  • Events: BugFix where events within a competition could not be deleted
  • Entries: New feature to allow clubs to change their entries division up until close of entries. This can be enabled under the divisions tab
  • Reports: Paid entries report - this has been improved to show the actual amount paid, alongside the cost of the crew. Useful if a crew has been moved to a more different priced event.
  • Entries: BugFix where entries could not be moved to a different division by the competition admin
  • Reports: Doubling crews report no longer shows rejected entries
  • Reports: BugFix Entries that require refunds, sort by club now works
  • Entries: Allow any domain extension in email address validation
  • System: Help link added to left hand navigation pointing to this wiki
  • Entries: BugFix when validating a crew with an empty seat, now returns a helpful message rather than a debug message
  • Reports: Withdrawn/rejected entries on the summary page now links to a report
  • Divisions: There is now the option for coxes to be able to enter the same division more than once (editable under the "Divisions" tab)
  • System: BugFix so when a user session times out, the "Logout" button no longer appears in the left hand menu

OnlineEntry 2.2.3 (released 2012-11-28)

  • Exports: Add the club 3 digit code (boat code) to crew export
  • Status: BugFix where competition status could not be set
  • Reports: Added division number to doubling up reports
  • Reports: BugFix where masters age was being wrongly calculated in Masters Handicaps report
  • Entries: When moving a crew from one event to another, ensure division is carried through
  • Results: Ensure results with status "NotSpecified" are marked as invalid
  • Entries: When no divisions are available for an event due to being suspended, add an appropriate message
  • Entries: In the event summary (when entering an event as a club) the payment method is now highlighted
  • Entries: The person that entered a crew will now be notified of any crew changes done by the admin
  • Setup: Option to include divisions and divisional assignments when importing events from the previous year
  • Entries: When a competition changes the boating location of a club, an email notification is sent to the club
  • Entries: The event summaries tab now shows the available divisions for each event
  • Entries: Add "back to events" button to EntriesByEvent page

OnlineEntry 2.2.2 (released 2012-10-17)

  • Reports: Added a report for "Masters Handicapping" showing the masters event a crew is entered into alongside the actual masters age for the crew

OnlineEntry 2.2.1 (released 2012-09-27)

  • Entries: BugFix for rule 3-3-2-f - previously this rule was not being followed, with the system not allowing Juniors who had won an A event to race up an age group in a B event
  • Entries: Improved the Club Crew Entry Summary to include: Entries secretary + contact details, submitting admin + contact details, emergency contact + contact details

OnlineEntry 2.2.0 (released 2012-04-04)

  • Entries: Rule 3-3-1 f) is followed - No junior shall row in Lightweight events
  • Exports: BugFix for composite crew in crew export. Correct value being set in composite column.
  • Boat licensing: EA Boat Licensing link removed - this should now be done through club management.
  • Entries: BugFix for entry summary reports - this now lists both the submitting administrator and the entries secretary.
  • Entries: New feature - list of entries table (in an event) now shows the paid status of each entry
  • Exports: Renamed "Bespoke Classification" to "Event Info" in Event Export

OnlineEntry 2.1.2 (released 2011-04-19)

  • Results: Removed tweaks to csv upload functions to deal with non-standard quoting due to causing issues. Submissions must now follow RFC4180 and be properly formed [1]
  • Entries: Cox entry rules for primary events have been changed to followed new advice from Rules of Racing subcommittee. Coxes are not bound to the rules restricting entry to a) Those with no points b) Those who not entered into any non-primary events at the same competition.

OnlineEntry 2.1.1 (released 2011-04-07)

  • Entries: BugFix not checking for doubling on coxes
  • Overseas: BugFix overseas clubs adding members
  • UI: Tidyup existing references to veterans
  • UI: Remove mentions of Definitive (freeform long since depreciated)
  • UI: BugFix Jump to crew entry behaviour sometimes getting confused between clubadmin and compadmin roles
  • Setup: Remove ability for competition admins to edit primary events when opened (consistent with other events)
  • Exports: Price and divisions added to eventID mapping XML file

OnlineEntry 2.1.0 (released 2011-03-24)

  • Setup: Bulk price updating for events when setting up competitions
  • UI: Jump to crew entry by crew ID added to every page to enable faster navigation
  • Events: Proper Handling for Primary events as per new rules (Including silver membership allowed)
  • Results: Handles allocation of 2 points to winners where more than 9 crews started
  • Divisions: More robust division handling that allows tieing specific events to divisions
  • Doubling: Clear explicit options to allow enabling/disabling doubling within events and divisions

OnlineEntry 2.0.31 (released 2009-09-26)

Rebranded and running at new URL.

EventEntry 2.0.30 (released 2009-07-27)

Speed tweaks and Results. The following were fixed and/or added:

  • Database: Some speed tweaks to reduce times in certain areas, shifting away from slower SQL queries when displaying entries and crews etc.
  • UI: Switched from greying out when retrieving data to a more cross-browser friendly loading message.
  • UI: Alphabetical sorting of roles
  • UI: Fixed issue with list sorting causing issues manipulating crews
  • Results: XML results will now accept crews bumped up events where the move would be accepted in the system and the crew is missing from the original, present in the new event and all positions make sense.
  • Results: XML will accept partial times (ie just times for winners where other times aren't available) in this case will not check for sanity against positions.
  • Results: CSV based results upload for those that can't produce XML from systems.
  • Results: In the web results interface admins can now go back from a specific event without setting results and can unset results when needed. Also more prompts when not all results have been set.
  • Events: Competition Admins and deputies can now add events after opening.
  • Events: Competition admins and deputies can now edit event info (not prices, or category etc as these could invalidate crews - contact ARA).
  • Events: Fixed issue of some "JSch" events being displayed as "J19"
  • Competition details: Competition admins and deputies can now edit a competition's notes once opened.
  • Competition details: Displays the competition ID when logged in as a comp admin.
  • Crew details: fixed bug in view crew page with club names.
  • Managing crews: Competition admins (and deputies) can now unreject crews.
  • Managing crews: Unpaid/Requiring refund/Paid/Refunded lists now allow sorting by club
  • ARA Admin: ARA fixing of results set after finalisation.
  • Crew validation: Fixed issue with some juniors entering senior events.
  • Points: Ensuring all qualifying wins at J16 and above are recorded in points history even if they don't increase the running total, in case of later DQs leading to incorrect point removal.
  • Points: System will allocate points where admin has said it is qualifying but there is only 1 placed crew in the final, but one or more nonfinalists as this could technically be a qualifying win. (All cases so far have been mistakes on results entry).

EventEntry 2.0.29 (released 2009-06-12)

Fix to sorting. The following were fixed and/or added:

  • Minor fix to sorting bug introduced with previous release.

EventEntry 2.0.28 (released 2009-06-01)

General Fixes and tweaks. The following were fixed and/or added:

  • Results: Events with no entries are now marked as ‘not run’ when setting results.
  • Results: Junior events below J16 now accept qualifying status as yes
  • UI: Pagination turned off, user options page removed (no functionality anymore)
  • UI: Meeting statuses now clarified
  • UI: Sorting fixes - MX status now sorted, error with certain Veteran events not sorting correctly.
  • UI: Added extra info and sorting to ‘bump crew’ drop down event selector
  • UI: Moved Worldpay script images on checkout page
  • Admin Rights: fix allowing ARA Admin access to meeting status changes, irrespective of deputy status
  • Reports: Typo fixed on button in reports tab
  • Reports: Filtered out withdrawn/scratched/rejected crews from overpointed crews report
  • Overseas clubs: Fixed issue with overseas clubs generating members with NV status.