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Crews can be bumped from one event to another, to reflect changes in what event the crew will be running in. Crews can only be bumped between events of the same boat type. If bumping a crew to a different boat type the crew should be rejected and then re added as a paper entry.

To bump crews in a certain event:

  • Go to the entries tab
  • Select an event
  • Tick the boxes next to the crews you wish to bump
  • Pick the event to reassign them in to from the drop down box
  • Click reassign

To bump a crew from a certain club

  • Go to the entries tab
  • Select show by club
  • Click on the club
  • Click on the crew name
  • Select the event to reassign to on the right
  • Click reassign

To move a crew into a different day

Only do this if the two days of your regatta are setup as seperate competitions

  • Reject the entry from the current event on the current day
  • Add the entry into the new event on the new day